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It Works! Body Makeover - Independent Distributor
Look and Feel Younger, Healthier and Slimmer the Fast Easy Natural Way with It Works!
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SPECIAL OFFER: It Works! Slimming Toning Firming Sculpting Do-It-Yourself-at-Home Herbal Body Wrap ONLY $25! Look & Feel Younger Healthier & Slimmer the Fast Easy Natural Way! What Do YOU Have to Lose? Try it Now! It Works!!!

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It Works! Body Makeover - Independent Distributor

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Have you tried everything to lose weight without success?  Do you hate diets, diet pills and exercise? Do you try every diet craze that comes along? Do you lose weight on a diet only to gain it all back again – and then some? Or do you have health challenges that prevent you from losing weight and exercising? ME TOO! That is why I’m so excited to share this amazing discovery with you! 

After years of struggling to lose weight, I quickly and easily went from a Size 20+ to a Size 16 in only 30 days and I continue to slim and tone my body every day! As a Health and Weight Loss Coach and Consultant I have met so many people over the years just like me who cannot lose weight and now I’m excited and grateful that I have discovered something easy, safe, natural and affordable that really works!  So if you have tried everything, and you are willing to try just one more thing, call me now or visit my website for more information!  What do you have to lose?!  It Works!

About Our Company

The It Works vision to provide you with one-of-a-kind, safe, effective, and affordable body slimming treatments, skincare and nutritional supplements is driven by our commitment to integrity at the forefront of our product development.  It Works products are formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers using the best natural ingredients, cutting-edge science, and strict quality standards to accomplish the harmonious blending of science and nature to bring superior, affordable products from our business to your home. 

It Works products available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, and UK [Some products are not available in all countries] and sold through independent distributors.



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About Me

My experience includes running a multi-million dollar company and owning my own business as a Professional Organizer.  After a long-term illness, my journey to health led me to discover natural health alternatives, which in turn led me to discover income alternatives as an Entrepreneur, Home Business Consultant, Success Coach, Health & Weight Loss Coach/Consultant and Bestselling Author.  My business portfolio includes companies that provide life-changing products, coaching services and opportunities that are in alignment with my purpose and passion to "Empower and Inspire Others to Achieve their Dreams" and to "Make a Living and Make a Difference!"  I am a Certified Direct Sales/Network Marketing Coach and Consultant as well as a Certified Dream Coach® through Marcia Wieder, "America's Dream Coach" featured on Oprah!  I am also a cover co-author in a bestselling book "Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy"!


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I am AMAZED with the results so far from the new product Ultimate ThermoFit. All of my cravings are gone, and I am eating so much less. Within the first 3 days I lost 6 pounds! I can't believe I found an inexpensive product that helps me to lose the weight. You get what you pay for when you buy It Works products! --- Scott from Rockford, MI
I have been dieting my whole life and as Natural Health Coach & Consultant, I have tried all kinds of potions, pills, diets, and exercise to lose weight - most without results. So when a friend introduced me to the Ultimate Body Applicator I was pretty sure that wouldn't work either! Thankfully, I finally agreed to try it and found out why they named the company "IT WORKS!" I had fast dramatic results slimming and toning my body and I have helped hundreds of people do the same! It Works! --- Michelle from St. Petersburg, FL
I LOVE the Fat Fighter/Carb Inhibitor because it allows me to indulge without the bulge! After a lifetime of dieting and coaching clients, I have learned that nobody is going to give up indulging in their favorite treats forever, which is why diets don't work! Now you can have your cake and eat it too (as long as you don't eat the WHOLE cake and you eat your Fat Fighters too)! --- Michelle from St. Petersburg, FL
My Favorite product is Defining Gel! I will NEVER be without it. It has tightened and firmed my thighs to a point where my husband has even noticed a difference! Simply put – it works! --- Jennifer from Lyndhurst, OH