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You can't buy the Beach Theatre | Business

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You can't buy the Beach Theatre
You can't buy the Beach Theatre

St. Pete Beach, Florida -- I want people to know the Beach Theatre isn’t for sale,” the voice on the phone said.

That voice was Mike France, the Hollywood screenwriter who grew up in the area, moved back, bought the Beach Theatre, and then went mysteriously quiet as the Theatre closed, opened, and then, in what seemed a death knell, closed for good a few months ago with the sign “Thanks for the memories” on the marquee.

He asked for a chance to tell the community what to expect from the currently-shuttered theatre on Corey Avenue.

We met as Mr. France worked in the as-of-yet-without power Beach Theatre. He had the doors open and the breeze from Corey wafted in as he explained, as best he could without upsetting his lawyers, what happened.

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