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2011 Property Tax Bills to be mailed Oct. 31 | Business

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2011 Property Tax Bills to be mailed Oct. 31
2011 Property Tax Bills to be mailed Oct. 31

Pinellas County Tax Collector Diane Nelson reminds property owners that 2011 tax bills for real estate and tangible personal property will be mailed on Monday. The Tax Collector’s office will mail close to 415,000 tax notices, totaling $1.1 billion. Payments will be accepted starting Nov. 1, as allowed by Florida law.

“We are preparing for another busy tax season,” Nelson said. “We collect the majority of property taxes in November as a result of the 4 percent discount.”

Taxpayers receive a discount of 4 percent for payments made by Nov. 30. After November, payments made by the following dates – or postmarked if sent through the mail – receive the respective discounts: Dec. 31, 3 percent; Jan 31, 2 percent; and Feb. 29, 1 percent. All payments must be made by March 31 to avoid becoming delinquent.

Taxpayers are encouraged to utilize taxcollect.com, where payments can be made online through an electronic check feature for no charge. Credit cards are also accepted online, but there is a 2.95 percent convenience fee charged by the Tax Collector’s online payment processor. The Tax Collector does not retain any portion of the credit card fee.

Payments can also be made through the mail, at any Pinellas County Tax Collector office, or through one of the drop boxes outside the offices.

Pinellas property owners will also have the option to sign up for an electronic tax notice starting next year – the result of an update to the Florida statutes governing collection of property taxes. Taxpayers can sign up for an e-bill in 2012 by visiting taxcollect.com.

For more information about your 2011 property tax bill or other Tax Collector services, please visit taxcollect.com or call 727-464-7777 to speak to a tax specialist.

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