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Beach Association requests mailbox relocation
Beach Association requests mailbox relocation

Clearwater Beach, Florida - The U.S. Postal Service said Friday it will consider a request by the Clearwater Beach Association to move back to the Beach Marina one of two mailbox serving the beach.

"Decisions on the removal and placement of collection boxes are done on a case by case basis," said Postal Service spokesperson Enola C. Rice. "The Clearwater Association's request will be thoroughly reviewed before a decision is made."

The mailbox, which was located for many years in the parking lot of the marina next to the old beach post office, was moved to the Circle Food Mart convenience store at Mandalay Avenue and Bay Esplanade after the post office closed and the store became a Village Post Office, offering basic postal services.

"We are requesting the box be returned to the original area in the Clearwater Beach Marina including the extension feature allowing people to drop their mail into the slot from their cars," wrote CBA President Wendy Hutkin in a letter to the Postmaster.

"The current location is not a prime location for all who reside on the island. Having the box near the roundabout makes using the mailbox much easier and accessible for all," she wrote.

The mailbox at the Circle Food Mart is the only one serving the north and south beaches. The next-nearest mailbox is at 241 Windward Passage on Island Estates, a little over a mile from the Beach Marina.

"For decades, the installation and removal of the Postal Service's blue collection mailboxes has been based on mail volume received in those boxes, Rice told wtsp.com. "Routine volume tests are conducted at local levels to determine if a mailbox is being utilized. Mailboxes are removed for lack of use. It costs the Postal Service money in fuel and time for our letter carriers to drive to a mailbox and collect the mail. When a mailbox continually has a small amount of mail, it is not cost effective to maintain it."

She added the Postal Service has been experiencing a decrease in First-Class Mail, and ended the second quarter of this year with a $1.9 billion deficit, most of it due to electronic alternatives to regular mail, such as email.

"We don't operate on tax dollars, but on revenue from customers who purchase our products and services," she said.

"It is important to note that anyone with a residential or business mailbox can use it to send outgoing mail," she said.


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