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Missing cadet's ex arrested in New York | Crime

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Missing cadet's ex arrested in New York
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Missing cadet's ex arrested in New York

Tampa, Florida -  Just one day after the one-year anniversary of Kelly Rothwell's death, her ex-boyfriend David Perry, the prime suspect in her disappearance, has been arrested in upstate New York on charges of grand larceny.

Perry is currently in custody at New York State police headquarters.

Perry is a former state prison guard accused of faking an injury to receive worker's compensation benefits.

He is also accused of murdering his girlfriend one year ago at their Indian Rocks Beach condo.

The Pinellas County Sheriff announced Monday that he was adding an additional $25,000 to the current reward put forth by the Rothwell family of $25,000. The grand total now is $50,000 for anyone who can locate Kelly's body.

Kelly was at the top of her class as a police cadet at Pinellas Police Academy at the Allstate Center in St. Petersburg.

Friends say she was planning to end a volatile relationship with Perry.

Her friends and family are desperately waiting for answers.

Where is Kelly Rothwell and what happened to her?

Images from a security camera at a Pinellas County Publix show what may be the last pictures of Rothwell as she wrapped up a shopping trip with her best friend, Donna Scharrett.

Scharrett said Rothwell was heading to the Indian Rocks Beach condo she shared with David Perry to end their relationship.

Kelly planned to move out and leave Perry.  No one has ever seen her alive since.

The next day, on March 12, Scharrett reported her best friend missing.

When sheriff's deputies went to Rothwell's Indian Rocks Beach condo for a welfare check, nobody was home and both cars were gone.

Deputies later found Rothwell's car about two miles away from her condo.

Rothwell was no where to be found. 

From that day, Rothwell's loved ones haven't stopped searching.

"You're not going to find somebody if you just stay home.  You have to look, you have to start somewhere and you have to eliminate, you have to eliminate space and we have to go through every space available here in this county and the next county," Scharrett told 10 News on Saturday, during a fundraiser for their search efforts.

Detectives named David Perry their prime suspect last year due his refusal to cooperate, his bizarre behavior and a new relationship with woman shortly after Rothwell went missing.

The night Rothwell was reported missing, detectives say Perry fled to his hometown of Elmira, New York. His cell phone was last used within hours of Kelly's disappearance.  Detectives narrowed it down to the location of State Road 52 and I-75.

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