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ONLY ON 10: Stand Your Ground shooter speaks out | Crime

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ONLY ON 10: Stand Your Ground shooter speaks out

Palm Harbor, Florida - Seth Browning says he's gone through hell and back.

The 23-year-old security guard admits that he's been in hiding for weeks now, ever since detectives say he shot another driver nearly a month ago in a Stand Your Ground case.

Seth, who just returned from Afghanistan, claims the shooting was in self defense, that he was the one targeted and followed by 30-year-old Brandon Baker who was driving home from a party on March 6th.

The incident took place just off East Lake Road near the Egret's Landing Apartments.

The victim's family called it a case of road rage.

Seth says he was tailgated and harassed on the road, so he stood his ground and fought back by pepper-spraying Brandon, then pulling a gun and shooting him.

So far, only Brandon's family has spoken out about losing their son that fateful night.

Brandon's father, Kevin Lindsay, told 10 News, "They interview [Seth] at the scene as he just killed my son, the man with the smoking gun. They interview him and decide that he was standing his word for it off the bat."

No arrest has been made in the case, and Seth Browning has remained silent until now. With public pressure growing to file criminal charges against him, Seth told us, he wanted to set the record straight.

In fact, Brandon's family started a petition online calling for Seth's arrest.  It has more than 2,000 signatures on change.org where a petition was created called, "Justice for Brandon Baker."

Seth, however, was hesitant at first to tell his story.

"I don't want this to become a tennis match, where they say something, then I say something.  I want to do the right thing," Seth told us at his apartment.

The reason Seth and his wife left town? 

He admitted, "We got death threats and were afraid of what would happen."

10 News obtained copies of those threats.  They are so vulgar, only portions can be read out loud without using foul language.  Laced with profanity, strangers threatened Seth, saying, "Why are you trying to hide?  We know who you are."

They also wrote, "You will pay for what you did."

Ultimately Seth told 10 News, "I was defending myself that night. I had no other choice."

Longtime defense attorney John Trevena weighed in on the case saying, "It can be a great mistake to remain silent or not comment to the media when you have a case that's high profile, drawing a lot of media attention."

Trevena has handled big cases in the media.  He says usually going on the offensive is the best course of action.

Trevena told us, "Right now in a number in these cases where stand your ground is being invoked, the shooters have not stepped forward to describe their actions.  I think that can be a mistake.  Because people want to know, why did you do what you did."

Brandon Baker's girlfriend, Amy, and his twin brother, Chris, showed up to the State Attorney's Office Thursday morning to provide more interviews for the investigation, since they were eyewitnesses.

The State Attorney's Office will ultimately decide whether or not charges will be filed against Seth Browning.


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