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School fight victim is now receiving threats | Crime

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School fight victim is now receiving threats

Clearwater, Florida -- A 14-year-old Clearwater girl beaten at Calvin Hunsinger School by another student Wednesday morning says she's been threatened by the brother of the boy who videotaped the fight then put it on Facebook and YouTube.

Vanessa Chauvin says her biggest fear is, "My family getting hurt. I think he would do it."

Vanessa is seen wearing a blue shirt in the school fight video. She says the other student, a middle school girl, pulled her hair, took a knee to her face about half a dozen times and punched her in the stomach. Vanessa was hospitalized with a bruised face.

The 9th grader says that evening the brother of the boy who videotaped the fight started sending her threats on Facebook.

Vanessa reads the boys messages:

"You know you and your mom is a snitch. You f----- up. You got my little bro in trouble."

"When you come to school I'll hit you."

"Yeah b----, you think got your a-- beat today? Wait until I see you."

Vanessa says she takes the student's threats seriously. "He says he knows where I live I think he would do it if he had the chance."

Her mother LoriAnn Chauvin is worried too. "I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't afraid. I am afraid."

Vanessa's family filed a complaint with the Pinellas Sheriff's Office and deputies are investigating.

Hunsinger is a school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Enrollment is low at about 120 students but take a look at student arrests.

According to school district records during 2010-11 school year, 43 students are arrested. Last year there were 47 students and, so far this school year, 23 students have been arrested. Arrest reports show nearly half of all of those arrests are for battery on a school board employee.

Vanessa's mother says the students lack supervision. "So many kids are out to hurt other kids, to cause trouble and get into trouble. They need more people, or more people need to be alert."

LoriAnn says proof is in the video of her daughter's fight. Vanessa identifies a teacher walking in the background while she's being beaten. Ultimately, it's another student who pulls the girl off Vanessa and ends the fight.

LoriAnn says, "There is no reason this should have happened. No one is around. Then, when someone is around, they have their hands in their pockets. It's not okay. I find this school extremely negligent."

Pinellas School District officials say the school has adequate supervision -- class sizes are small, teachers have assistants and all are trained to work with these students. They say the school has had an excellent reputation for 20 years.

School officials and campus police are investigating what happened Wednesday morning and say they are not able to answer any questions about the incident until the investigation is completed.


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