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Bus beating victim's grandfather reacts to sentence | Crime

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Bus beating victim's grandfather reacts to sentence

Gulfport, Florida -- What happened on this school bus was so brutal -- the surveillance video went viral. Three students beating one innocent student because earlier in the day he refused to buy their drugs.

Today, a judge sentenced all three to indefinite probation, but the victim's grandfather called the punishment a joke.

"Not enough. Should be in leg irons. Kept in jail. But those three was strictly mob mentality," said Peter Yankey.

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Peter Yankey is the boy's grandfather, and you don't need to see his face to feel his anguish.

"When you watch the video of what's being done to your grandson, sir, what does that do to you?"

"I couldn't be there to help him," he replies.

What you, the audience, cant see are the tears that shot from this man's eyes. Because of tragic circumstances, the 13-year-old is being raised by his grandparents, and the boy's love of them is clear in his artwork that hangs on the walls. Each drawing says the same thing, "You touched my heart". 

He is especially close to his grandmother.

"He calls her mewaw....(crying)...memaw this and memaw that."

Tears fall from Yankey's eyes, but venom flies from Sevell Brown's mouth.

"Anybody watching that video knows it was a vicious thuggary beating," said Brown.

Brown, the National Director of the National Christian League of Councils, is livid, and says the entire community should be outraged by the leniency shown to 15-year-olds Kemradj Lloyd, Julian McKnight and Joshua Redden.

"They need to receive jail time. They need to be on the books as committing a felony. They need to be adjudicated as adults, and whatever the guidelines of the state are, they need to be sentenced as such."


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