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Cat recovering after being shot in leg | Crime

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Cat recovering after being shot in leg
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Cat recovering after being shot in leg

Tarpon Springs, FL -- The Suncoast Animal League has reported a cat, named Rubi, is recovering but still may lose her leg after she was shot with what may have been a pellet gun on Jan. 5 in Holiday.

The Suncoast Animal League was contacted by Tarpon Animal Hospital saying Rubi's owners dropped her off after they found her limping and in severe pain. An investigation so far revealed a next door neighbor complained about 2-year-old Rubi being in his yard and recently told her owners, "If you don't keep her in your yard I will shoot her."

Dr. Tiffany Rimar, of Tarpon Animal Hospital, said Rubi suffered a fractured proximal right humerus caused by the bullet, or possibly a pellet, passing through the bone and exploding out the other side, lodging itself in the cat's shoulder.

Once veterinarians operated on Rubi they realized the damage was much more extensive than they had initially suspected. During surgery, they placed a pin and wire at the break site, but they are unsure it will hold.  Rubi's vets say she may still loose her leg so for the time being, the situation is still touch and go.  The bullet was lodged so deep into Rubi's shoulder tissue they decided to leave it, rather than risk doing further damage.  The vets now believe the gunshot happened a few days prior to Jan. 5. 

The Suncoast Animal League said the good news is that Rubi is alert, eating on her own and now purring.  For everything Rubi has been with, they say she is content for the moment. 

Rubi's owners have relinquished custody of her and are not cooperating with investigators because they do not want to cause "any more turmoil in the neighborhood", however, Tarpon Animal Hospital told Suncoast Animal League they felt it was their obligation to see that this animal cruelty case was investigated.

The investigation will continue.

Crime, News, Pets

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