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Heavy rains impact sanitary sewer system | Environment

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Heavy rains impact sanitary sewer system
Heavy rains impact sanitary sewer system

Recent heavy rains are having a negative impact on Pinellas County’s wastewater treatment facilities.

Rainfall from Tuesday evening, Aug. 21, resulted in 60 million gallons of water entering the system at South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Facility. The facility is permitted for an average inflow of 33 million gallons per day.

Excessive volumes of water entering wastewater treatment facilities can result in sanitary sewer system overflows. These overflows are inevitable when inflows exceed the capacity to treat.

As more heavy rainfalls are predicted in the coming days, customers can help alleviate this impact on wastewater treatment systems. Pinellas County’s Department of Environment & Infrastructure (DEI) is asking residents to limit unnecessary flushing, showering or clothes washing during these rain events. These actions will help limit the volume of water entering the treatment facilities at peak times.

Customers are urged to monitor weather forecasts for heavy rainfall and implement these volume reduction measures.

For more information, customers may call DEI Customer Service at (727) 464-4000.

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