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Salvaging the sewers | Environment

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Salvaging the sewers
Salvaging the sewers
Gulfport, Florida -- If council approves a loan, contractors could fix Gulfport's aging sewers by the end of 2015. At Tuesday night's council meeting, councillors heard the second of two presentations.  The first presentation, heard at the December 3 meeting, came from ConEdison Solutions. ConEd Solutions' program would allow Gulfport to borrow the money over up to 20 years. ConEd representatives told Gulfport the city would save money annually with the sewer improvements but if it did not, ConEd would pay the difference. For example, if ConEd projects the city would save $200,000 a year from the improvements but only saved $100,000, ConEd would have to write the city a check for $100,000.  While ConEd estimated the city would save 75 million gallons and $200,000 per year, last night's presenters, who spoke on behalf of a state loan, disagreed with ConEd's numbers.  [READ MORE]

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