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Hear the 911 call from this weekend's brutal bear attack.

St. Petersburg, Florida — The 911 call from this weekend's brutal bear attack in central Florida has been released.

"I need help in my house," said Frank Frana on a Seminole County 911 tape, amid his wife's screams.

This weekend, Terri Frana had to stare down the beast.

Gandy crash delays traffic into Tampa

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Two vehicles crashed on Gandy Boulevard North causing major backups and delays into Tampa on Wednesday morning.

One of the vehicles involved was a blue minivan which turned over on its side and the driver had to be extricated and transported to Bayfront Health for evaluation. She appears to have non-life threatening injuries.

The second driver was treated at the scene and refused transport to the hospital.

Residents fear being flooded without storm drains

Pinellas County, Florida -- Charles Zidar loves his horses, but has to keep them stabled. That's because the fields are soaked and mucky, just like his yard, and just like the yards of his neighbors. The problem? Water. Today brought more rain and more concerns.

"When it rains, we have white water running through here, and it gets so deep I have fish swimming in my vegetable garden," said Zidar.

Pinellas Administrator Bob LaSala fired for "abrasive style"

Clearwater, Florida -- Pinellas County's top executive is out of a job. Pinellas commissioners began their meeting Tuesday by voting unanimously to fire Administrator Bob LaSala without cause.

LaSala has been in the top job since 2008. However, he has received some negative reviews from commissioners for his abrasive personality and management style.

First responders prepare for the worst

Pinellas County, FL -- First responders prepare for the worst case scenario by walking through simulations.

A plane set to depart explodes before taking off. This did not really happen but what if it did?

St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport wants to be ready if faced with the threat of a bomb.

Name new FL Botanical Gardens sculpture, win a prize

Largo, Florida -- The Florida Botanical Gardens is holding a naming contest for its long-awaited water fountain sculpture that will be formally dedicated at the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation's annual Diggin' the Arts on Sunday, May 4.

The sculpture was borne of a love for the gardens and a vision of elevating the gardens' experience with artwork. Former Foundation president Chuck Scaffidi conceived the idea of showcasing a stunning piece of art in the small pond outside of the Wedding Garden.

HEAT: Thousands of Pinellas County students homeless

St. Petersburg, Florida - There are thousands of homeless students in Pinellas County and one school district is pushing for resistance over silence.

The Homeless Education Assistance Team for Pinellas County Schools, or HEAT, is working to decrease homelessness and lower the dropout rate.

HEAT officials say there are more than 3,400 students who go to schools like Lakewood High School and are considered homeless.