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Cheapest gas in Seminole | News

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Cheapest gas in Seminole
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Cheapest gas in Seminole

Seminole, Florida - If one thing is certain, gas prices continue to rise with a great sense of regularity. 

The national average as of Friday, April 6, hit $3.94 a gallon. That's 18 cents higher than last month.

 In many parts of the country the cost has topped that ugly $4 mark and that includes right here in the bay area. 

Some filling stations in Tampa are selling a gallon for as high as $4.03. 

Across the bay and here in Seminole, the price has yet to hit $4. You'll find prices below that national average. 

For $3.92 a gallon, you can fill up at Pix on Starkey near Bryan Dairy Rd and the Circle K on 131st and 86th. The Hess on Park and 104th is selling for $3.93. 

News, People, Savings

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