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Cemetery disturbance saddens family | News

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Cemetery disturbance saddens family

Clearwater, Florida - Donna Polacek and her 15-year-old granddaughter Mandi take silk flowers to the Sylvan Abbey cemetery, where Donna's mother Miriam Schoenbaum is interred.

"I miss you mom," Donna says in a whisper, touching her hand to the brass marker there.

And Donna says her mother's crypt needs some new decorations, because the ones that were there for seven years are now missing. The discovery last week had Donna in tears, because some of the items are irreplaceable. They include a photograph of Mandi and Miriam and a letter that Mandi wrote when she was just eight.

"It was like somebody hurt me. I felt like somebody hit me. I felt personally hurt," says Donna Polacek.

And Polacek says other crypts in the area seem bare too. "There were a lot more things," she says pointing the walls.

Polacek says when she first talked with a cemetery manager, she was told that cemetery staff had cleaned the mausoleum and taken things away.

"We can clean that off whenever we want to," she says she was told. But later, another manager told her that workers had done no such thing. "So which is it?" Polacek questions.

A spokesperson for Sylvan Abbey told 10 News thats they do not removed things from the front of crypts, because they know how important those mementos are to family members.

Donna doesn't buy that explanation, but what she did buy today were some new trinkets to brighten her mother's crypt and her own spirits.


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