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St. Pete couple part of group concerned about Sanford's image | News

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St. Pete couple part of group concerned about Sanford's image

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - George Zimmerman is still in jail while his attorney works on securing the $150,000 bail needed for his release. That attorney, Mark O'Mara, is also concerned about finding a safe place for Zimmerman to live.

With the 10% cash payment customarily made to secure bond, Zimmerman could be freed with $15,000 from his family, O'Mara says. He adds, "We have a lot of concerns over security, and it's wrapped around the family as well."

Meanwhile, a group of African Americans say they're hoping the case won't tarnish Sanford's image. Harry Harvey of St. Petersburg is the president of Crooms High School Class of 1962. He says their high school in Sanford was the only one blacks could attend in Seminole County during segregation.

Harvey, his wife Gloria and several other former students from the high school gathered in Sanford on Friday and Saturday to talk about what they can do together to improve Sanford's image.

Gloria Harvey says, "We did get quite a few calls from friends wanting to know what's going on in Sanford. 'That's your home town isn't it? We're kind of worried - are you worried about your family and friends there in Sanford?'

She adds, "And we were concerned and are concerned about what's going on here and we're hoping the outcome will be justice." 

Her husband Harvey says the group has decided they will meet with the Sanford branch of the NAACP in hopes that they can hold a membership drive and a voter registration drive at some point.

Glen Dowdie of Sanford says, "There is a lot of ugly about Sanford. People have seen that. What they have
not seen is a lot of beauty."

Meanwhile, many in the community say they welcomed George Zimmerman's bail hearing. They want this case, which has brought national attention to Sanford, to move forward and be resolved.

Most residents seem to agree that the legal system is working. Dowdie adds, "I'm OK with it as long as there's a trial, as long as there's justice."

If Zimmerman is bailed out, there are some conditions he must follow. He has to report to authorities every three days, wear a GPS ankle bracelet to keep track of his movements, and obey a dusk to dawn curfew.

28 year old George Zimmerman is facing a life sentence on a 2nd-degree murder charge.

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