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Dog and boa constrictor found in St. Pete dumpster | News

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Dog and boa constrictor found in St. Pete dumpster

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- Early Sunday morning, the director of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation rushed to the Flagler Pointe Apartments to find a dog and a snake trapped in a dumpster.

Vernon Yates says the dumpster was covered in blood. The snake was found badly injured, but the dog was left unscathed.

"We're more than willing to take them in," Yates says.

In fact, he and his wildlife refuge have been through this several times before. He's often the man to call when police agencies find wildlife in distress.

The boa constrictor died as a result of its injuries, but Yates says the dog is healthy and almost ready to go to a loving home with one of the refuge's volunteers.

Meanwhile, he's still hoping to figure out who might have done this. A security guard at the apartment complex reported seeing someone at the dumpster early on Sunday morning, and the St. Petersburg Police Department may be close to figuring out exactly what happened.

"I can't in my wildest dreams think of why this could be justified," Yates says. "But I will say, let's try to find who owns them, what really happened to them, and then basically take it from there as to what will be done."


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