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Children nearly abducted near Pinellas Trail | News

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Children nearly abducted near Pinellas Trail

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A St. Petersburg father says a man tried to abduct his two daughters and his nephew Monday afternoon.

The St. Petersburg Police Department confirms an attempted abduction took place in the area and that it is investigating. It happened near the corner of 5th Avenue North and 70th Street in St. Petersburg between the Jet Line Food convenience store and the Pinellas Trail.

Ruben Carrea says, "So, the car pulled up, like, real quick, opened the door, and tried to grab my nephew by the hand."

Carrea's daughters, who are 5 and 12, and his 11-year-old nephew were the ones targeted after walking to the  convenience store to buy candy. On the way back home, an older white man driving a dark blue Jeep Cherokee pulled up to them near the trail. The children were able to get away by running to their home, which is so close you can see it from the trail.

The driver took off.

Carrea says it happened so quickly the children did not get a better discription of what the man looked like and what type of clothing he may have been wearing at the time.

He adds, "Five more cops were looking around, all over the place, so they were doing their job."

But other parents, like Danny Stephen, are shocked more isn't being done to notify the public to help catch the suspect.

Stephen says, "People could have been looking for the guy. I mean, obviously he's still driving around. Maybe he'll get caught. It's real concerning. I think the police dropped the ball on this big time."

Carrea adds, "I hope they catch him because people like that are no good."


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