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Clearwater High student wins anti-texting video contest | News

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Clearwater High student wins anti-texting video contest

Clearwater, Florida -- Parents of teengers know this is true: their kids are more likely to listen to their peers than their mom or dad or teachers.  Even when it's something as important as the dangers of distracted driving.

That was the idea behind the Heads Up! Focus on the Road video contest from More Health, 93.3 WFLZ and the Allstate Foundation.  High school students were asked to create videos about the dangers of distracted driving.  The winning video would earn $500.

16-year-old Allie Chandler's TV production teacher at Clearwater High School suggested she enter the contest.

"Originally, I thought about using photos," said Allie Chandler. "But then I figured everyhone sees photos on Facebook every day."

Instead, Allie decided to use some of her own family videos and scenes from her own life. The video begins with the day she was born and continues with other important days in her life: birthdays, graduations, riding a bike the first time, even her first cell phone and car.

The video takes a turn when she picks up her phone while she's driving.

Watch the entire video below.

"I've seen people text and drive in the car," said Chandler. "Before I thought, 'Okay, their eyes are on the road. It's okay.' But now I'll take the phone away from them and say no.  Because I can actually see myself getting into that car crash."

More than two dozen student videos were submitted for the contest, but Allie's was the clear winner.

"I know that when I watched Allie's video I had goosebumps, I had tears in my eyes, it made me think about my children," said Karen Pesce, RN--executive director of More Health.  "And it really brought home the message, hopefully to not only students, but also their parents, their grandparents about how we all need to put that phone down when we drive."

"It's not worth it to text and drive," adds Allie.  "Your life is more important than that one text you might send."

Allie is thinking of using her prize money to buy additional lighting or a new microphone.  She hopes to eventually become a filmmaker and editor.


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