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Weather Update: Clearwater Beach | News

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Weather Update: Clearwater Beach
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Weather Update: Clearwater Beach

Clearwater, Florida -- The following are reports from our 10 News Assignment Editor and Clearwater Beach resident Jim Peppard:

12 p.m. Monday - City issues storm assessment for Clearwater Beach

A day after Tropical Storm Debby passed through, must of the north beach remains flooded today, the city reports.

The northern most Carlouel Area is about 80% flooded, though passable in most areas.  Other parts of the north beach are about 40% flooded, and are drivable.

Sand key Park is open, but mostly flooded.

The pounding surf partially buried several life guard stations in sand. They will not be manned, the city says, because they are unstable.

“To ensure the safety of our beach patrons/visitors, people are being allowed to access the sand but not the surf,” said public safety spokesperson Elizabeth Watts.  “The surf is dangerous and there is also a potential debris hazard.”

She also said there are reports of residential damage on the north beach but that appears to be minimal, including a few downed wires and some damaged trees.

7 p.m. Sunday

Water still clogs the streets east of Mandalay Avenue and probably got into some homes.   The affected area is Bruce and Bay Esplanade and their intersections north of Acacia Circle.

All Frenchy’s restaurants are closed, the Palm Pavilion is closed, Crabby Bills at Roundabout and on South beach are closed.  The Brown Boxer looks like the only restaurant that’s open in the dining district of Mandalay…though I’m sure the restaurants are open at the Sand Pearl and Hilton hotels.

Street ponding has really receded on main beach roads.  Appears all south beach are open.

5 p.m. Sunday

Street flooding prevalent on the south beach.  Fortunately, traffic is light. 

Standing water is 6-inches to a foot deep in some areas, including Mandalay Ave at the Roundabout.  Hyatt Hotel put sandbags against the doors of its main entrance on Coronado Drive.    

Waves against Pier 60 not as dramatic as they were two hours ago, but the surf’s still up.  The gulf is lapping at the wall of the BeachWalk inorth of the south pavilion … tow truck removed a car flooded out on S Gulfview BL near Manguson Hotel (the former Red Roof Inn).

I didn’t even try to drive to the north beach. CPD no longer blocking NB Mandalay…but it’s curb to curb water thru the restaurant district.  I suspect more northern/ residential areas, along Bruce Street and Bay Esplanade, the water probably got into a few homes.  Won’t know until it recedes enough to take a spin up that way.

3 p.m. Sunday

Water is over the seawall at south beach. Street ponding is prevalent, especially at intersections.

Mandalay Ave is closed northbound on the north beach.  Alternate north-south roads (East Shore and Poinsettia) also have bad street ponding.  I can’t travel well north of the roundabout to check out things on the north beach.

Surf is really kicking. Two life guard stations are listing, one is almost on its side just south of Pier 60.   Waves are crashing the beach, especially visual along Pier 60.  You might be able to see this on the Hyatt Clearwater Beach camera (available on right rail of page).

Frenchy’s South, Crabby Bills Beachwalk and Hooters restaurants look deserted and may be closed. Crabby Bills at Roundabout appears to be open for business; there are several cars parked there.

Got storm pics of flooding and damage? Send them to us at photos@wtsp.com

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