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Building complaints about KB Home | News

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Building complaints about KB Home

Clearwater, Florida - Gail Beaulieu is a crackerjack tour guide of cracks.

"It just fell off the building," she says, picking up a chunk of stucco. But pointing out building defects at her town home complex isn't the way she wanted to spend her retirement. "Absolutely not. This is very stressful."

Beaulieu and other residents of the Waterford community complain about problems inside and out. "You can see this is all moldy," Beaulieu says pointing inside a hole cut in the wallboard by an inspection company.

And her neighbor Vivian Balocchi points to the outside wall of her town home, "You can see the bulging coming out of the wall, because of moisture damage," she says.

If all this sounds familiar, it's because 10 News has reported about similar problems at the Willowbrook neighborhood in Manatee County. That's where Dan Koehler lives. He came north to Clearwater with his moisture meter to show support for the Waterford residents.

"This is exactly the type of problems we're having in Willowbrook-water intrusion, failing structures, mold growth," he says.

And the common denominator in these two neighborhoods is the builder: KB Home.

"It's a sad deal," says Koehler. "A sad deal that this many people are having problems."

"I keep calling them and calling them and I don't get anywhere," says Balocchi about KB Home.

The Waterford homeowner's association has already spent $14,000 on an engineering report that blames improperly installed stucco and flashing for water damage in the units. And residents want KB to pay for repairs. "Basically our units are falling apart; it's a slow death," says Beaulieu.

Late Tuesday afternoon, KB Home issued this written statement to 10 News:

"KB Home is fully committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that every home needing repair is repaired. We have been actively working with the Waterford Association, and the appropriate contractor and engineers have already started the process for the repair protocol. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of the Association and homeowners, which will allow us to take proper action."

10 News will continue to monitor the situation at Waterford to see if repairs are indeed made.


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