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Rash of home burglaries in Clearwater prompts warning from police | News

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Rash of home burglaries in Clearwater prompts warning from police

They're watching and waiting. They could be anywhere. Casing your activities and your home. Tonight, Clearwater Police sounding the alarm to residents. Burglars are on the prowl, and they have been very busy.

"I didn't hear anything about," said one Clearwater resident.

"News to me," said another.

These homeowners didn't know, but cops do. According to the police, at least 33 burglaries or attempted burglaries have occurred in the Kings Highway, Old Clearwater Bay, and North Greenwood neighborhoods in less than two months. 

Now, they are issuing the following warning quote: "While we have stepped up patrols in the areas, we can't be everywhere all the time. The eyes are ears of the community and is a vital component in effective policing. If you see something, please call us when it's happening"  -- end quote.

"Well, it certainly will make me more aware and vigilant, that's for sure," said homeowner Yort Watson.

"Well I have an alarm, and I always keep my doors locked," said Barbara Heimlich, another homeowner.

But cops say locking your doors accomplishes nothing. The latest string of burglaries follow a pattern. They knock on the front door, and finding no one home, they break in through the rear of the house. Stolen are the usual high dollar items like jewelry, electronics, guns and money.


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