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Red Bull Killer's brother scared his family is at risk | News

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Red Bull Killer's brother scared his family is at risk

Tarpon, Springs, Florida -- He has killed once, and his brother is worried he will kill again. 

Tom Coffeen, the brother of the so-called "Red Bull Killer" says he is living in fear now that Stephen Coffeen has been moved from a mental institution to a non-locked down facility in Tarpon Springs.

"I am numb and still in disbelief of what happened yesterday." Tom says.

A Pinellas judge ordered Stephen Coffeen to be moved to a halfway house called the ACTS facility, after less than two years in a mental institution for smothering his father in their St. Petersburg home. 

Tom Coffeen says he is worried his family could be targeted. He asks, "How could they  put him in a non-locked facility less than an hour away from where my children go to school and where I live?"

Tom always believed his brother killed their father Robert, because he was envious of the relationship  he had with his dad. Tom was unable to convince a judge Tuesday not to let Stephen out of the mental institution. It was the second time Tom lost in court.

"Let justice be served, put him away. Do not let him back on the street." 

That was the plea Tom made to the court after Stephen changed his story from self defense to temporary insanity, saying he drank several Red Bull energy drinks, was sleep deprived and had a psychotic episode when he killed their father. 


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Tom Coffeen says that is B.S.

"I don't know where they came up with that," Tom says.  "I was the one who drank Red Bull.  I don't to my knowledge ever remember him drinking a can of Red Bull.  I'm not sure where they concocted that one up."

Tom says his brother has killed once and he now has the opportunity to kill again. "Why don't you take all precautions necessary to make sure that we're safe and the community, quite frankly, is safe."

Tom says if his brother must be in a non-locked facility, he wants it to be in California, where his brother lived before the murder. He is writing legislators asking for help. Meantime Stephen 

Stephen Coffeen's attorney George Tragos told 10 News there was no reason to be scared, that his client is a safe and sane member of the community.


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