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Rubi is a 3-year-old tuxedo cat.

Last January, Rubi was brought to Tarpon Animal Hospital after being shot by a neighbor.

The shooting occurred in Holiday back on Jan. 9 last year and the owners of Rubi relinquished custody of her. They said the shooting occurred because a neighbor was upset that Rubi was allowed to roam the neighborhood and he previously threatened to do this if she was in their yard again.

They didn't want to cooperate with the animal cruelty investigation because they did not want to cause "any more turmoil in their neighborhood".

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The gunshot wound shattered Rubi's right front leg and lodged in her shoulder. For a while, the veterinarians who treated her were unsure whether her leg could be saved, but they did everything possible, used all of their skills and Rubi might have had a bit of luck as well. Although the bullet could not be removed, a pin was placed in her leg and a month later she was bearing weight on it. Later, she had another surgery to remove that pin.

On June 7, just over five months since she was shot, Rubi finally "walked" out of Tarpon Animal Hospital.  Ever since, she has been at the Suncoast Animal League awaiting her forever home.  


Over the year of limited activity, Rubi has put on a few pounds and developed a bit of a "diva" type attitude, or "catitude," as the case may be. She's very cute, playful and affectionate when the mood strikes her and she's not shy about telling you exactly what she wants and when she wants it. She's good with older children and is okay with other cats and calm dogs.

Thanks to the caring staff at Tarpon Animal Hospital, Rubi survived a life threatening experience. She may have used up one of her nine lives, but she would like to spend the rest of them in a home with a loving family. She's been spayed, microchipped, is up-to-date on all of her shots and is ready and waiting to start over in 2013.

For more information about Rubi, or to hear our adoption hours, please call the Suncoast Animal League at 727-786-1330.

The Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time limit animal rescue agency, taking in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals in the Palm Harbor and surrounding areas. Please "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 http://www.suncoastanimalleague.org

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