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Why do they call it that? One pond, two great stories | News

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Why do they call it that? One pond, two great stories

If you visit Seven Springs in Pasco County, we have two suggestions: First, bring your golf clubs. And second, don't count -- because things won't add up to seven.

Why do they call it Seven Springs?

We'll start out at a simple golf course pond. It's one water hazard with two interesting stories to tell.

Here's the first.

Welcome to the banks of beautiful Lake Margaret. The "lake" is really just a tiny pond in the middle of a golf course -- but stay with me.

It's easy for anyone to see it sits along the course at the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club. Easy for you to see -- but not, apparently, for Margaret to see.

Years ago, a nice woman by that name drove her golf cart off the fairway and into the drink! Margaret plunged her cart into the water hazard.

I have no idea how many penalty strokes you're supposed to take for that.

After the incident, the course's managers put up a sign at the pond, naming it Lake Margaret.

Margaret was okay. The pond was named after her not as a memorial, but so that she would be permanently embarrassed.

They did haul Margaret's cart out of the water, but there is something still down there that's much more remarkable.

Feeding this pond, hidden below the surface, silently flowing, is the only known location of one of the Seven Springs.

Those springs gave this area southeast of New Port Richey its name more than a hundred years ago.

Carl Johnson hacked a road into the thick woods and built a mini tourist hotel along the banks of the sleepy Anclote River.

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The main attraction? The supposedly healing waters of seven springs that happened to be all gathered in a group.

Johnson planned to build a whole town and resort around the springs, much like the one that still survives today around the springs at Safety Harbor in Pinellas County.

But mother nature had other plans.

A hurricane tore through in 1921. It did incredible damage to churches and other buildings in the area; Johnson's hotel was devastated.

Johnson bailed on his big plans, and all but one of the famous Seven Springs faded from memory -- destined to become just a slice of history.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

The designer of the golf course tried to work the existing landscape into the course layout, so he used the spring-fed pond as a natural water hazard.

It didn't have a name until Margaret made that wrong turn in her golf cart.

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