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Pinellas Democrats celebrate 2nd inauguration | News

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Pinellas Democrats celebrate 2nd inauguration

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- As the nation celebrates President Obama's second inauguration, so too are Democrats in Pinellas County.

Tonight, a politico-studded event is taking place at the Gulfport Casino, and between the food, the music, and the pomp, the talk is about the president's agenda, and what Floridians want from this administration.

"They want moderate, thoughtful, deliberate leadership that really cares about the future of our county, state, and nation," said Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long.

It is no secret partisanship is crippling Washington. Democrats point fingers at the GOP.

St. Pete City Councilman Karl Nurse said, "Within the US House, there is a majority that would rather throw us off the fiscal cliff or economic cliff, and just can't stand the possibility of working together, even when we agree."

But the big buzz is about 2016; excitement is already building for a Clinton or Biden run for the White House.

"At the end of the day, the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world, and women approach problem solving from a much different perspective than men. I'd like to see her as president," said Long.

"She is going to be a very good campaigner, lost barely to Obama four years ago. She's probably going to lead the charge for the party," said Pinellas County Executive Committee chair Mark Hanisee.

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