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13 busted in Clearwater felon roundup | News

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13 busted in Clearwater felon roundup

Clearwater, Florida -- Thirteen people are waking up in the Pinellas County Jail this morning after attempting to elude the law.

Clearwater Police rounded up the individuals during a routine felon roundup in the city. Officers were in search of 150 people with active felony warrants that run the gamut from drug charges to grand theft.

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"Many people are aware of the fact that they're wanted, many people don't want to go to jail, so many people don't actively turn themselves in," said Lt. James Kleinsorge, "If we don't turn across them during our daily operations, operations like this, we'll actively seek them out."

Clearwater Police teamed up with the Florida Department of Corrections for this operation.

In addition to the 13 arrests, officers evicted 12 people from the Budget Hotel and made 2 additional narcotics arrests.


Smith-Moreno, Devante 10/8/1991: Narc Charges x6
Juvenile 7/9/1995 VOP/Poss Marijuana
Juvenile 6/26/1996 RAWOV
Teller, Susan 12/14/1980 Narc Charges X4
Troncosadelarosa, Daniel 4/11/1989 Warrant/DL
Charges X2
Johnson, Ray 8/26/1957 Warrant/Worthless Checks X3

Osorio, Niledys 10/28/1988  GRAND THEFT
Wallace, Dwayne 10/4/1970 Warrant/Narcotics
DeWitt, Paul 7/9/1956 Narc Charges X8
Devine, Michael 2/8/1989  Narc Charges X4
Kalemi, Fatjon 8/28/1992 Narc Charges X2

Ferrell, Daniel 8/11/1982 Charges X6
Starke, Nathaniel 7/13/1983  Grand Theft Auto



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