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Consumers warned about credit card surcharges | News

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Consumers warned about credit card surcharges
Consumers warned about credit card surcharges

Pinellas County, Florida -- Pinellas County warns residents that contrary to recent news reports that a ban on credit card surcharges ended Jan. 27, 2013, Florida law continues to prohibit the practice.

A surcharge is the extra fee a merchant adds when purchasing goods or services by credit card.

The Pinellas County Office of Consumer Protection offers residents the following tips:

  • Surcharge fees are prohibited in Florida
  • Consumer protection laws vary by state
  • Purchases made outside of Florida are not covered by the law
  • A Florida merchant may offer a discount for paying by cash or check
  • Always use caution when using credit cards and check your statements closely

To file a complaint (if you believe a merchant is not complying with Florida law concerning credit card surcharges), for tips about making smarter decisions in the marketplace, for assistance with a consumer issue or to check the complaint history of a business, call the Office of Consumer Protection at 727) 464-6200 or visit www.pinellascounty.org/consumer.

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