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Campaign sign controversy heats up | News

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Campaign sign controversy heats up
Campaign sign controversy heats up

Gulfport, Florida -- A longtime realtor says that a prominent resident with ties to the city’s Board of Adjustment threatened her clients. That resident says the realtor misspoke. 

Delia Davidson, a real estate agent for Beach & Luxury Realty, says that her phone rang shortly before one on the afternoon of Feb. 10. 

“I’m calling about the lot on Shore Boulevard,” the man told her. “I’d like permission to put a Bob Worthington sign up.”

Ms. Davidson says that one of the two property owners, Donnie Engle, had complained that someone had placed a Bob Worthington campaign sign on Shore Boulevard lot without his permission. Mr. Engle asked his partner to remove the sign and later requested that the Sam Henderson campaign put campaign sign on the lot. Ms. Davidson explained to the caller that, as the Realtor, not the owner, she couldn’t grant permission for anyone to put a sign on the property.

“Are you telling me the owners of that lot are not supporting the next mayor of Gulfport?” She says the man asked her. She said she started to tell him she would need to speak with the property owners but he interrupted her.

“Well,” she says he told her, “you tell them if they ever try to build or develop anything, it will never happen... [Read more]

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