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Deputy vs. deputy: "He illegally invaded my home" | News

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Deputy vs. deputy: "He illegally invaded my home"

Clearwater, Florida -- He carries a badge and a gun, and was fired more than five years ago for misconduct. Now there are allegations the same deputy is abusing his authority once again.

Deputy Patrick Milkewsky, who got his job back, said he had a protective injunction issued from the court for a domestic between a stepdaughter and her mother. He is accused of bull-rushing into the husband's house without having a search warrant -- and the victim just happens to be a retired Pinellas County deputy.

Deputy Dan Grainger says of Milkewsky, "No, he shouldn't be having this job. The fact that he got his job back from his prior incident is amazing."

Milkewsky was fired from his job as a Pinellas deputy more than five years ago, after being found guilty of violating standards of conduct, his conduct toward the public, and lack of truthfulness.

Grainger says, "I would like to see him fired again."

According to Grainger, when Milkewsky was trying to serve an injunction from his daughter to his wife, the deputy illegally entered his home.

Grainger says, "When I asked him to see the injunction, he said no, I couldn't see it, because it was for my wife."

Grainger claims he replied with, "OK," and started to close the door on Milkewsky.

"When I started closing the door is when he rushed at me."

The retired deputy says Milkewsky forced his way in so violently he put a hole in the wall with the door handle and knocked Grainger to the ground.

The former deputy says, "I quickly got up and I informed him right then and there he was in violation of my 4th Amendment rights, and that he has no reason to be in here, he has no probable cause, and he doesn't have a warrant."

While the Pinellas Sheriff's Office contends the incident is different from the way Grainger describes it, he insists the deputy illegally entered his home and there was nothing he could do about it.

"I was afraid. I was literally afraid and I didn't want him to put his hands on me."

And this former deputy says, in his mind, Milkewsky should not be a current deputy.

The case is being investigated by Internal Affairs, and late on Monday afternoon the sheriff's office released a statement saying that in addition to trying to serve the injunction, Milkewsky was trying to help Grainger's daughter collect personal items.

Grainger says his daughter was not allowed back in the house and was going to live with her mother.

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