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Camera captures shots of burglary suspects in action | News

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Camera captures shots of burglary suspects in action

St. Petersburg, Florida-- The crime is caught on tape, but more importantly so are the suspects' faces.

Two men with a crow bar are seen entering a home through a rear window back on March 18th. The break-in happened around 8:30 along the 2800 block of 28th Street North in St. Petersburg.

The two worked for about 20 minutes before realizing they're actions are all on camera.

"When you see the pictures, it's pretty clear who they are," said Greg Boyd who lives next door.

A freeze frame enhanced by St. Petersburg Police shows the suspects moments after they spot the camera.

"I'm going to lock my back fence gates and take a few more precautions than I usually would," says Boyd who hopes someone recognizes the two before they strike again. "I live here. I don't want my house broken into, my things stolen."

Marisa Castro also lives nearby. She says her home was targeted twice in one week

"Like right now, I don't feel safe in my house," said Castro who invested in an alarm system after the two break-ins.

"They're low lives! They have to get a job, because I spend my whole week working hard... cause someone while I'm working tries to break into my house. So it's frustrating."

Besides the crystal clear images, perhaps most impressive of all is how long the camera keeps recording. The criminals tried once, twice, and even a third and fourth time to kill the camera before the picture finally fades to black.

St. Petersburg Police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying the suspects in this case. Anyone with information can call SPPD's non-emergency number at 727-893-7780, Text-A-Tip to 727-420-8911 or leave a confidential tip at 727-892-5000.

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