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St. Pete Pier sings its Memorial Day swan song | News

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St. Pete Pier sings its Memorial Day swan song

ST.PETERSBURG, Florida -- As the sun sets over St. Petersburg, out come the cameras and the memories as people wax nostalgic about a special place.

"I used to come with my parents when I was a child," said Canadian resident Kelley Brous. "I had such a great time here."

The St. Petersburg Pier's life is ending. Friday, it will close for good to make way for something new. Maybe the Lens, maybe something else, but today people celebrated Memorial Day like they have for decades: a water ski show, postcards from the heart, and a lot of good times.

But the light of the pier will ultimately dim.

"You always want to have something that's here to remember it by. People have a real love for this place. They come here in droves," said Chris Coleman.

But even progress can't erase the past, and with anticipation they wait for the big finale in the sky. The fireworks extravaganza is greeted with cheers and wide eyes, from the youngest to the young at heart. The St. Pete Pier says good bye, but it will never be forgotten.

"It's a part of the city's history, and it's sad that it's going to be destroyed," said Karen Martin.


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