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Toddler who lost feet in lawnmower takes first steps | News

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Toddler who lost feet in lawnmower takes first steps

ORLANDO, Florida -- "You can't catch me!" Ireland Nugent yelled at a family friend, giggling and crawling across the floor on Monday morning.

The two-year-old was right, especially after taking her first steps with prosthetic limbs that afternoon. Not even prosthetist Stan Patterson could keep up with her. 

The fear was that, two months after the toddler lost her feet in a lawnmower accident, she would be hesitant to wear prosthetic limbs. Instead, Ireland took off walking immediately, wearing a handmade superhero cape with the letter "I" on it.

"There wasn't any hesitation, and that's what I see for her. She's not ever going to hold back," says her dad, Jerry. "She's going to do everything full on. That's my Super I. That's my angel."

The journey to help Ireland walk again hits home for Rick Shultz, one of her prosthetists at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando. When he was two and a half years old, the same age as Ireland, he also lost his leg in a lawnmower accident.

"She'll be great," he says. "She won't have any problems. It'll just become second nature to her."

The prosthetics Ireland worked with on Monday are test limbs, dotted with Dora the Explorer stickers. She'll get to practice with them Monday night in her family's hotel room before getting her actual prosthetics Tuesday. Those, too, will have Dora the Explorer on them, along with Minnie Mouse.

Confident in Ireland's ability to walk again, her nine-year-old sister, Ariyana Nesbitt, says, "She can definitely chase me and knock me down."

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