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Taxes Rise With property values | News

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Taxes Rise With property values
Taxes Rise With property values

GULFPORT – The good news? Gulfport property values are on the rise again. The not-as-great-news? That means some property owners will pay more if council doesn’t lower the tax rate.

Tuesday night, city council voted to set a tentative millage rate of 4.039 mils, or $4.04 per $100,000 of taxable value. Currently, Gulfport property owners pay 4.039 mils in property taxes to the City of Gulfport. County, school and water management district taxes are neither set nor collected by the city but appear on property tax bills issued by the county.

The tentative millage rate, by law, represents the highest amount the city can tax property owners. As council works through the budget for the coming fiscal year, it can set a final rate lower than the tentative rate, but cannot set the rate higher.


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