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Ireland Nugent views her cameo in Winter documentary | News

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Ireland Nugent views her cameo in Winter documentary

CLEARWATER, Florida -- It's an exciting night for little Ireland Nugent. Sitting in an auditorium at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, she waited to see her cameo in a documentary about Winter the dolphin.

"What's the name of the dolphin you're going to see?" asks a lady.

"Winter," says Ireland.

It was just a few weeks ago that Ireland was able to get up close and personal with Winter, waving her little hand hello, then caressing the dolphin's back. Ireland knows Winter has a prosthetic tail that she uses to help her get around, and she understands the parallel.

"This was very special. Winter was one of the first toys we had to demonstrate to her that she had lost her legs, like Winter had lost her tail, and that she had a prosthetic and she would have one also," said Ireland's father, Jerry.

PHOTOS: Ireland takes first steps on prosthetic legs

The documentary entitled Winter, The Dolphin That Can holds special meaning for Ireland's parents. It's a story of triumph from tragedy -- much like Ireland's remarkable recovery. And at the end of the film, little Ireland lights up the screen to the delight of the crowd.

"The community support has been amazing. I mean, we really feel like we're not in this alone, and it makes Ireland happy, and we're excited to see her in the movie," said Ireland's mother, Nicole.

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