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The tropics heat up in August | News

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The tropics heat up in August
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The tropics heat up in August

Pinellas County, Florida -- Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Charley. Hurricane Katrina. Three devastating storms- that made landfall in August. 

August is the month when tropical activity begins to ramp up in earnest before reaching its peak in mid-September. It is critical for residents to take time and ensure all of their preparations for a potential hurricane impact. 

Here are some items to consider:

  • Check the cooler - New picnic coolers can help keep perishable items cold for a longer period thanks to improved insulation. Residents should evaluate the age and insulation of their coolers, as well as their size. Smaller coolers are easy to tote to the beach, but can they hold a substantial amount of ice and food?
  • Move the furniture - One of the best ways to help prevent damage outdoors is to bring in lawn furniture, grills, bird baths and other outdoor furniture. Residents should take the time to review what items need to be brought into a protected area. 
  • Keep the charge - Smart phones, tablets, computers and other electronics can provide vital links to friends and relatives during a storm. Simple changes such as adjusting screen brightness, deleting unnecessary applications and using battery saving applications can extend the life of the battery for when you really need it most. 

For more information on hurricane preparedness visit www.pinellascounty.org/emergency. 

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