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White Chapel and Harbor Hall gets new manager | News

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White Chapel and Harbor Hall gets new manager
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White Chapel and Harbor Hall gets new manager

Palm Harbor, Florida -- The historic White Chapel and Harbor Hall has a new manager behind-the scenes this month. 

The Palm Harbor Community Services Agency has take over the role of manager of the White Chapel and Harbor Hall located on Georgia Avenue. 

The White Chapel, built in 1924, was a focal point in the growing Palm Harbor economy, serving as a church, food pantry, and later hosting Palm Harbor’s first library. In 2002, Pinellas County took ownership of the facility, along with its adjoining Harbor Hall reception facility.

Old Palm Harbor Main Street, the entity managing many of Palm Harbor’s downtown festivities, took management of the facility after renovations later that year. With OPHMS focusing more on the historic district, which is their mission, the Palm Harbor Community Services Agency is taking on the role of manager effective this month.

Business is “as usual,” according to Erica Lynford, director of CSA Palm Harbor, the branch of PHCSA taking on staffing of events and maintaining the facility. “We’re happy to be taking on a larger role in the community and helping to preserve these two historic facilities,” Lynford states. The agency currently oversees many parks and sports complexes, as well as their community facility, The Centre of Palm Harbor, which is located at 16th Street. “It’s a great addition to the family and staff is excited.” 

Events currently booked at the facilities will see no changes, as past agreements are still being honored. The only change that will be noticeable will be the faces and names behind the scenes. For more information on renting the facility or about recreation programming Palm Harbor, you can contact 727-771-6000 or visit www.csapalmharbor.org. Downtown events are still being managed by OPHMS, and they can be reached via the web at www.ophmainst.com

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