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No fishing at Pier 60 Saturday morning | News

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No fishing at Pier 60 Saturday morning
No fishing at Pier 60 Saturday morning

Clearwater Beach, Florida -- Pier 60 will be closed to anglers Saturday morning for a cleanup of fishing lines and other material harmful to birds and marine life, the city has announced.

Reef Monitoring, Inc. will be removing fishing line, ropes, ghost traps, and tackle equipment such as fish hooks, sinkers, lures, etc. that create an entanglement for and endanger birds and marine life. The pier will be closed to anglers from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Monofilament fishing line and fishing hooks that are improperly handled or discarded can entangle wildlife, leading to injury and death, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comnmission.

The FWC is asking ishermen to help protect brown pelicans and other wildlife by properly disposing of fishing line, not leaving line unattended as pelicans may be tempted to steal your bait, and not feeding pelicans or other wildlife, since it encourages them to approach fishing boats, piers and anglers.

The cleanup is co-sponsored by tbe Clearwater Marine Aquarium





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