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Dunedin neighborhood seeks normalcy after giant sinkhole | News

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Dunedin neighborhood seeks normalcy after giant sinkhole

Dunedin, Florida -- City work crews on Tuesday continued to pack dirt and repair sidewalks in the area where two homes once stood.

When a giant sinkhole opened up here last week it made national news and even though the hole has now been filled in, the spot still attracts the curious. Out for a walk with his dog, Blake Kanyha took a few photos and reflected.

"Sadness," he says goes through his head while looking at the site. "It could happen to me, it could happen to you -- you know."

And the images of the crumbling houses have also upped the worries of people in the same situation; people like Joseph Ortiz who lives just three miles away. He's in a legal fight about what he believes is sinkhole damage to his house.

"This is not hairline. This right here is deeper," he demonstrates, sticking a car key into a very visible crack in his garage wall. 

And besides the numerous zigzagging cracks lining his house, Ortiz also shows 10 News how easily a three-foot metal rod can be pushed into the ground.

What hasn't been easy he says, is dealing with Citizens Insurance.

"Frustrating, is one of the words," he says. "They won't help you."

Back on Robmar Road, sinkhole lawyer Ted Corless advises homeowners in the area to be super vigilant about checking their houses.

"Right now would be the time to go into the bedroom you haven't slept in awhile and take a look at the walls and ceiling and floors -- to make sure you don't have any cracking that might be of concern."

And Corless says right along with examining their houses,  homeowners should take a close look at their insurance policies, to see exactly what kind of coverage they have.


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