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ONLY ON 10: Man goes to Philippines to find in-laws | News

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ONLY ON 10: Man goes to Philippines to find in-laws

Largo, Florida - It is a story of compassion, hope, and love.

Brent Dunn made the ultimate sacrifice for his wife, Liza, who was born and raised in the Philippines. He traveled all the way across the world for nearly three days to find his in-laws and bring them food and water.

The tears came quickly for Brent as he described the mass graves and devastation there.

Brent cried, "One grave has 15 bodies in it, body bags, some people covered, some not. And, the smell was overwhelming. I almost got sick. We have family in there."

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Brent said it was a miracle his mother-in-law survived. But, his wife's cousin lost his entire family. His wife and two children, one of them handicapped, vanished in the water.

Brent described the moment the man lost his child.

"He couldn't hold his son," he stopped for a moment, wiping away tears. "They were washed away."

What the father-of-two found in the Philippines, he said, was a war zone -- dead bodies in the streets, people starving, no electricity, and no water.

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But, he said, people are starting to smile again. "They've cried and cried. They can't cry anymore. They want to move on and rebuild.  They are beginning to laugh, but it's hard."

His wife was worried every night and was glued to the Internet.

"He said, 'I am going there,' and I was shocked and so worried. 'You're going there?' What if something happened to him?" said Liza, also crying.

She added, "I can't believe I saw my mother's name on a list of survivors. It's [something] only you see in movies."

Brent couldn't do this trip alone. It was funded by the kind people of Tampa Bay who made countless donations, from the frequent flier miles for the ticket and extra money to the additional baggage fees, since the suitcases were so heavy.

Brent said the biggest problem by far right now is the lack of water. The water supply has been contaminated by the dead bodies, the dead animals, and the seawater.

People are getting sick, and the hospitals are overrun.

Brent was able to put some small water filtration systems in his suitcases, and that is helping.

He said he is glad he made the journey to find his in-laws, and he'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was a mission too painful to remember, but impossible to forget.

To help Brent in his efforts and help the people of the Philippines, please visit here.

You can also make donations to help people in the Philippines through the Red Cross.

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