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Grand Siam Thai cleans up after emergency closure | News

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Grand Siam Thai cleans up after emergency closure

CLEARWATER, Florida - Right across from the busy Carillon Office complex, the Grand Siam Thai and Sushi Restaurant is packed every day for lunch.

"The food is fresh, they serve you very fast, you're in and out, and you're full," said regular customer Kim Thomas.

But January 27, the Pinellas County restaurant was empty after the state forced a temporary emergency closure. An inspector documented 35 violations. Among the issues were clean pots stored on the floor; octopus at the sushi bar thawing at room temperature; more temperature violations on the crab, fish and noodles; a soiled soda gun; employees not properly washing their hands; and live roaches found under the prep table near the cooks' line.

The restaurant was allowed to reopen the following day with nine remaining basic violations. So last week, we followed up to check on conditions inside the kitchen.

Management had no problem inviting us inside to show us behind the kitchen door.

"We [cleaned it up] right away," said manager Pam Sangnin.

10 News did find some minor lingering issues, including a dead roach on the ground near the food prep area and personal items, like some herbal lip balm and a hat, stored above where food is prepared.

We also found glass cleaner right next to the sugar packets and food stored on shelves near what appeared to be paint thinner, both violations.

But overall, most of the high priority violations seemed to be corrected. We found employees wearing gloves and even face masks, soap at the sink, an ice cold walk-in cooler, and no sign of any live insects.

"We closed and we cleaned the whole kitchen. We bought the pressure washer machine and cleaned the whole thing," said Sangnin.

Based on this restaurant's transparency, lack of previous problems, and cleaned up kitchen, we give The Grand Siam our "A-OK," issuing the all-clear on this week's Restaurant Red Alert.

Take a look at Grand Siam's full inspection history here.


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