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ONLY ON 10: Cheerleading brawl caught on tape | News

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ONLY ON 10: Cheerleading brawl caught on tape
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ONLY ON 10: Cheerleading brawl caught on tape

St. Petersburg, Florida - Yolanda Jones can't help but shake her head and cover her eyes.

It was video she never expected to see.

Yolanda's daughter, Derricka Maddox, was involved in a cheerleading brawl Saturday night at JC Turner Field in St. Petersburg at 643 23rd Avenue South.

The fight took place off the field after the youth league football game where the Silver Raiders were playing that night.

It all started when Derricka was walking out to her car after the game. That's when some girls began yelling at her and taunting her on videotape.

Yolanda said, "I'm trying to do right, but you have kids that just don't care. They don't care."

Yolanda tells 10 News that 16-year-old Derricka is an 'A' student at Maverick High School and a cheerleading coach.

Derricka ignored the girls who were yelling at her as she walked away and tried to protect her 10-month-old baby girl, Armani, that she was carrying.

Yolanda said, "Leave my children alone. Let her be. Let her continue her education. If you don't like her, you don't have to like her."

But, it appeared these young teenage bullies didn't give up.

Yolanda believes jealousy was the motive after the girls threatened her daughter on Facebook, saying "she was next."

"It makes me angry, because you really followed her, she's with her child, you followed her and continued to provoke her to a fight," said Yolanda.

After the girls behind the camera kept yelling, the fight broke out in a parking lot. Derricka frantically called her mother and, when Yolanda showed up, she jumped into the fight to save her daughter.

Within minutes, the fight was an all out brawl. In the end, it took ten police officers to break it up and get everyone under control. Yolanda was arrested, along with her daughter Derricka and Derricka's sister, plus the two other girls who allegedly started it.

"I couldn't believe it," Yolanda said. "I couldn't believe it."

As for the Silver Raiders who play in the youth football league, Paul Word, the man in charge of it, says he wants to see violence like this stop.

Yolanda Jones was charged with disorderly conduct while her daughter was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

Yolanda tells us that her only concern that night was protecting he daughter and granddaughter, and that she'd do it all again to save them.

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