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Red light cameras go up in St. Pete | News

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Red light cameras go up in St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida -- At ten carefully selected intersections throughout St. Pete, red light cameras became active today after two weeks of installation began on September 1, as part of a new public safety program: Stop on Red.

Although the cameras will be taking still images and video of traffic violators who run red lights, no tickets will be issued at first. The initial trial marks the beginning of the 30-day 'warning period' which will mean a warning notice but no fine for those who break the rules.

At the completion of the warning period on October 15, citations will be issued. Each violation will be reviewed and approved by the St. Petersburg Police Department prior to issuance.

"The intent of this program is to enhance safety for our residents," said Mayor Bill Foster. "Too many drivers choose to ignore traffic signals and risk the dangers of running through a red light. We want to change this behavior and encourage people to slow down and definitely stop on red."

Over the past three years, the city has experienced 21 fatal crashes at signalized intersections, resulting in 13 fatalities attributed to red-light running.

The locations were chosen after evaluating where red-light running crashes commonly occurred within the city and where the presence of cameras were considered most likely to increase safety. They are listed below:

  • 4th Street / Gandy Boulevard
  • 34th Street 1st Avenue N
  • 4th Street / 54th Avenue N
  • 34th Street / 1st Avenue S
  • 4th Street / 22nd Avenue N
  • 34th Street / 22nd Avenue S
  • 6th Street / 5th Avenue S
  • 66th Street / 38th Avenue N
  • 34th Street / 38th Avenue N
  • 66th Street at Tyrone Boulevard - 22nd Avenue N

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