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Residents fear being flooded without storm drains | News

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Residents fear being flooded without storm drains

Pinellas County, Florida -- Charles Zidar loves his horses, but has to keep them stabled. That's because the fields are soaked and mucky, just like his yard, and just like the yards of his neighbors. The problem? Water. Today brought more rain and more concerns.

"When it rains, we have white water running through here, and it gets so deep I have fish swimming in my vegetable garden," said Zidar.

This quiet neighborhood just outside Tarpon Springs has been battling Pinellas County to put in storm drains. Recently, the county sent a letter to one resident explaining the situation was not caused by storm water run off and was beyond its control.

That didn't sit well with homeowners like Val Stelmach, who says the problem began when the county started building nearby. It brings flooding, mosquitoes, water moccasins, and a possible bio-hazard from blown out septic tanks.

"The water just sits over the septic tanks and it flushes them out into the culverts, and it just sits there," said Stelmach.

10 News contacted Pinellas County for clarification. They sent this statement: "The county is evaluating the public drainage system for any needed improvements; however, any such improvements would only address public drainage and not impacts caused by the other conditions."

The county said residents have an option to connect to the nearby sewer system, but they would assume the financial cost.


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