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Disabled girl's therapy tricycle stolen | News

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Disabled girl's therapy tricycle stolen

Pinellas Park, Florida - Christine Garner likes to be active and on a recent school field trip to a bowling alley, she had a ball. But even while her classmates from Morning Star School cheered "Go Christine!" there was something bothering everyone there. You see, over the weekend, someone took Christine's bike.

"Stealing bikes is wrong and thieves, they should not do that," says 8-year-old Destinee Mortin emphatically.

Christine, 14, has cerebral palsy and usually uses a wheelchair to get around. But her arms are weak and it's slow going. It's even earned her a nickname. "They call me the snail," Christine says with a laugh.

But on her bike, she's fast as a rabbit and free as a bird. "I was sad it was gone," says Christine of the bike theft. "They kind of took away a piece of my freedom."

The bike, taken from the front of the house, is actually a specialized therapy tricycle worth about $2,200.  Christine's mother, Tricia Garner, says it's important for Christine to use it every day to strengthen her legs and joints for walking.

A lot of folks in this situation might be asking for donations, but this family doesn't want to go that route. They just want the bike back.

"I think we can get it back," says Tricia Garner. "I don't want to take one more thing. There's just too many people in need. The economy's bad."

Pinellas Park police are keeping an eye out for the bike and Christine hopes other people will too, because for this teenager it's more than just a bike.

"It gives me freedom. It lets me have fun." 


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