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St. Pete Beach getting trashy reputation | News

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St. Pete Beach getting trashy reputation

St. Pete Beach, Florida -- The problem has existed for years. Trash on St. Pete Beach.

Because of its popularity, the Postcard Inn is taking a lot of the heat right now. Patrons of the hotel bar carry plastic cups and beers from the property onto the sand, and it became so bad this holiday weekend, the mayor was inundated with complaints.

"I'm very proud that visitors and residents choose our beach, but it becomes the responsibility of Postcard Inn to clean up what they can, and the city to stay on top of trash collection. Plus, it also falls on visitors. Whatever they bring they need to take out," said St.Pete Beach Mayor Maria Lowe.

10 News walked with the mayor into Postcard Inn for reaction, no comment, but they did say they are working with the mayor to find a solution.

You could say Postcard Inn has become a victim of its success. All the attention has given the business an undeserved black eye because residents say it's not all their fault.

"The more trash people see, they less they want to come, and it affects our business on the beach," said business owner Shane Webb.

"It's a lack of respect," said one resident. "I wish people would respect the beach and the rights of others."

The garbage issue will be addressed on June 17 when the city lays down new rules, rules that the mayor says can be enforced.


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