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More run-ins with police surface involving terror suspect | News

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More run-ins with police surface involving terror suspect

St. Petersburg, Florida -- While he didn't have a long rap sheet, suspected terrorist Sami Osmakac was no stranger to police.

St. Petersburg Police now say they had two run-ins with Osmakac in recent years, while records show authorities were called to the family's Pinellas Park home six times since 2003.

In 2009, authorities say Osmakac head-butted a man inside the family's store on 4th Street. police Spokesperson Michael Puetz said the incident followed an earlier conversation where the victim told Osmakac he thought his outfit was "very sexy."

Then in 2008, records show Osmakac was also involved in a fight outside a St. Petersburg gas station.

"In that confrontation, he again apparently head-butted somebody, but was also stabbed in the process as well as his friend," Puetz said.

Taken individually, police say the incidents don't point to someone who might be a potential terrorist. But online videos Osmakac posted under an alias do reveal someone filled with hatred says the Ahmed Bedier, the founder of United Voices for America, a non-profit which promotes Muslim participation in the political process.

"Just their whole demeanor, that looking down on the Christians and Jews and just being so openly against democracy and being anti-American... in this day and age, you automatically assume that those are red flags," Bedier said.

On Monday, Tampa Police revealed Osmakac was arrested back in April for head-butting a man outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum following a religious argument.

Pinellas Park Police say calls to the family's home on 116th Ave. have ranged from two noise complaints to a parking violation.

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