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Mother daughter fight accidentally ends with shots fired

Mother daughter fight accidentally ends with shots fired

St. Petersburg, Fla - A St. Pete mom is in jail after police say she pointed a gun at her 36-year-old daughter.

Latraiel Gamble began fighting with her daughter at around 10 last night at a home on 11th Avenue North.

Police say Gamble initially pulled a gun on her daughter, but the two eventually began talking things out. Gamble dropped her arm by her side and turned to walk away. Police say that's when the gun went off and shot a bullet into her foot.

She was treated at a nearby hospital and then arrested on charges of aggravated assault.

COPS: Newlywed stabs husband 7 times over remote

St. Petersburg, Florida - Deloris Holley spends her Monday nights watching her favorite television show, a crime thriller called "The Closer."

It just so happens her husband, David Marion, wanted to watch what most sports fans live for at the beginning of each week - Monday Night Football.

And, as every newly married .husband and wife know - marriage is all about compromise.

But in this case, it seems, these St. Pete newlyweds weren't giving in to their disagreement.

That's when the drama began.

Public Information Officer Michael Puetz from the St. Petersburg Police Department says, "They've been married for about 5 months, so we don't know their total history at this point. But, obviously this was an extreme case of letting your emotions get away from you."

St. Pete Police say Deloris got so angr that her husband wouldn't give up the remote that she ran to the kitchen, grabbed a five-inch steak knife and stabbed him.

Police: gunman killed in botched robbery in St. Pete

Police: gunman killed in botched robbery in St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida -- One man is dead, another wounded, in a shooting tonight at the 16th Street Game Room, 1741 16th Street South, police said.

Killed was the gunman who apparently tried to rob the establishment. He was not identified immediately.

A second man who was shot turned up at Bayfront Medical Center for treatment. Police said his wounds were not life-threatening.

Investigators are trying to determine the circumstances surrounding both shootings.

High school grades are out and the news is good

High school grades are out and the news is good

St. Petersburg, Florida - The high school grades are out, and the news is good, very good. Statewide nearly three-fourth's of the high schools received an A or B grade, an all time high.

Some schools improved by as much as three letter grades. One Bay area school is seeing dramatic gains.

For 18 months, Gibbs High School students in St. Petersburg have lived with the stigma.

"My friends, they ask me what school do I go to. 'Gibbs? Oh, you go to an F school,'" says 10th grader Rodney Roberts.

Rodney can now brag, Gibbs improved to a C grade. "It was real important. We worked hard to get it done, a lot of work and it paid off," says Rodney.

Gas prices on the increase in the Bay area

Gas prices on the increase in the Bay area

St.  Petersburg, Florida -- Many of us are feeling pain at the pump. Gas prices are on the rise, jumping nearly 4 cents a gallon since Friday.  

"You got to pay what you got to pay. We haven't met our save energy requirements and this is the price we're going to pay," says Jimmy Schroering, a resident of St. Petersburg.

The price consumers pay at the pump is closely tied to supply and demand, as well as, the global economy. 

"What we're seeing is a weak U.S. dollar and whenever the dollar is weak, it makes crude oil more appealing as a commodity for investors," said Jessica Brady, a spokesperson for AAA Travel in Tampa.

Economists say that when gasoline prices rise, it doesn't necessarily impact the amount of gasoline purchased, but it does impact other areas of consumer spending.

Peter Hammerschmidt is an economics professor at Eckerd College and he says gasoline is a necessity for most people. 

Police: More than 80 gambling machines seized

Clearwater, Florida -- Police in Clearwater say more than 80 gambling machines were seized from an arcade after an investigation into reports of illegal gambling activity.

The equipment was seized during a search warrant over the weekend at Rio Arcade, located on US 19. 

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the seized equipment

Investigators say 84 gambling machines, $10,000 in cash, one vehicle and a large amount of electronic equipment were seized from the business.

Charges against the owner and several managers are being forwarded to the State Attorney's Office.

Cold weather shelters open in Pinellas

Cold weather shelters open in Pinellas

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Freeze warnings are going into effect for much of the Bay area tonight, and cold weather shelters are opening for homeless men and women.

Here is a list of shelters opening in Pinellas county:

Shelters open between 6 and 6:30 p.m. on 12/06

For Adult Men and Women:

Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
110 S. Ft. Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL  33756
Church Phone: (727) 442-3677
Co-Coordinators:  Jack Stonebraker (727) 542-8889 or Michael Bowles (727) 804-1830   or (727) 536-3074
Capacity: 75

St. Cecelia Catholic Church
820 Jasmine Way
Clearwater, FL  33756
Church Phone: (727) 447-3494
Co-Coordinators:  Dan Metee (727) 587-7722  or Peter Gibson (727) 530-3581    
Capacity: 45