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Forecast: Pinellas only Bay county to escape Freeze Warning

Forecast: Pinellas only Bay county to escape Freeze Warning

Pinellas County, FL - Pinellas residents are slightly better off than their neighbors during the Bay area's latest cold snap. You can see the zoom radar for the area here.

A large Canadian high pressure has plummeted south into the eastern U.S. bringing cold air all the way down to Florida. We are waking up to Wind Chill Advisories this morning and Freeze Warnings for tonight and likely tomorrow night. That cold air is blowing in on northwest winds that will stay in the 10-20 mph range through this afternoon. A Wind Chill Advisory has been issued until 9 a.m. for Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties as it will feel like 30-35 degrees at times this morning. Skies will be clear and sunny today, but the cold air will only allow us to warm to the mid 50s today when the typical high is 73!

Sheriff's employee arrested for leaving the scene of a crash

St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg Police have arrested Sheriff's Office employee Willye G. Shaw for Leaving The Scene Of A Crash Involving Injuries according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Shaw is a non-sworn member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office assigned to the Support Services Bureau, Information & Systems Analysis Section, as a Technical Support Specialist. He was hired January 05, 2006.

No details about the crash have been released by the Sheriff's office since it is an active St. Petersburg Police Department investigation.

Pregnant woman killed in Ulmerton Road car accident

Pregnant woman killed in Ulmerton Road car accident

Largo, Florida -- A pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed in a three car accident that backed up traffic on Ulmerton Road.

"I hear the screeching of the tires and there was a van in the left lane, he almost plowed right into them if he didn't slam on the brakes, but I guess the forward momentum of the car coming across the lanes and the poor kids in the SUV didn't have enough time to stop," said Matt Sperling, who works at a gift shop located on Ulmerton Road.

Sperling says after the cars collided, he ran over to see if he could help. He approached a Toyota Camry that had been attempting to cross Ulmerton Road.

"I look inside and the poor guy was leaning over the passenger seat knocked out," Sperling said.

UPS opens "mini delivery hubs" in residential neighborhoods

Palm Harbor, Florida-- Residents of a Palm Harbor neighborhood say they were shocked to discover UPS had opened a temporary holiday package distribution hub in a vacant home within their neighborhood.

Catherine Kelly owns the vacant home and took a job as a seasonal employee. Her job includes distributing packages to homes through six residential neighborhoods throughout the Palm Harbor area.

Every day around 11:00, UPS delivers between 80 and 100 packages to Kelly's home. The boxes are stored in her garage. She and several other employees then spend the day distributing the packages on small motorized vehicles.

Neighbor Kirk Phillips is upset, calling the operation a clear violation of his neighborhood's HOA rules.

"We do not want commercial activity in my neighborhood period," said Phillips.

Illegal apartments on St. Pete Beach?

ST PETE BEACH, Florida - A scorned tenant has turned into a whistleblower on a series of apartments he says are illegally divided.

Terry Richards says he lived in apartments divided by landlord Domenick "Nick" Savino for three and a half years.  The units often shared a single water heater, electric bill, and cable hookup.  They also often had addresses like 310.5 or 7810.5.

Photo Gallery: Bad Beach Apartment

Scathing report hits Countryside Booster Club

Clearwater, Florida - A scathing report by the Pinellas School District is raising serious questions about the Countryside High School Boosters Club. 10 News first uncovered problems in October, but the official report uncovered even more issues than we initially thought existed.  It comes at a time when the school is trying to make it to the State Football Championship.

Read the official report (.PDF)

And while the Countryside Cougars have had a great season on the field, the booster club appears to be going down because the investigation says it has not followed school board policy.

The former treasurer Stephanie Hawks tried to make the president aware of the problems and says was told not to rock the boat until the season is over.

But the Pinellas School District has found several violations including:

Controversial educator Florida's next education Commissioner?

Dunedin, Florida - There appears to be big changes coming to Florida's public schools once Governor Elect Rick Scott takes office next month. The first hint is in the education transition team he's formed. Hillsborough school superintendent MaryEllen Elia is on the list but some key classroom players are missing.

Dunedin High School teacher Brandt Robinson feels left out of Governor Elect Rick Scott's education transition team are teachers, principals and union representatives. "You got to work out the details and work it out with the people on the ground who knows best," says Robinson.