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Local Slurpee sales up after Obama mention

Local Slurpee sales up after Obama mention

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Last year, it was a beer summit. And Bud Light was the star of the show.

Now, it appears it's Slurpee's time to shine.

In several campaign speeches, President Obama said that Democrats were doing the hard legislative work while Republicans stood around drinking Slurpees.

"I mean it's strange you think he'd be thinking about healthcare or something other than Slurpees," said Christina Gaskins of St. Petersburg.

But the mention is proving to be a PR boost for 7-11 and the Slurpee.

Since the mention of a Slurpee Summit in early November, sales of Slurpees are up.

A manager at the 7-11 at the intersection of 62nd Avenue North and Dr. Martin Luther King Street North in St. Petersburg says sales have increased slightly in the last few weeks.

The store normally sells between 70 and 110 Slurpees a day.