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The future of the Seminole Mall
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The future of the Seminole Mall

Seminole, FL -- It's folding. It's bankrupt. It's being sold. These are just a few of the scenarios rumored about the Seminole Mall on Park Boulevard. 

This scuttlebutt has been passed around for quite some time. 

When asked this week "so what's the dish with the mall" Mayor Jimmy Johnson, took a deep breath, exhaled and said, "Oh geeeeez, who knows, but it seems like something is about to happen there".

Mayor Johnson, who's also the director of the Chamber of Commerce, and City Manager Frank Edmunds keep asking the owners what's happening. 

Edmunds says he got a wind of the latest plan, which indicated the mall would be sold and redeveloped into a mixed use property.

"There would be commercial, residential and retail where the mall is now. It sounds like the plans are to demolish the existing structure and rebuild it into a town center type of development".

A main street or town center development is just what the area could use and is welcomed by the city council and the Chamber of Commerce. 

Part of the problem is the status of the long term leases of current tenants. These leases have to be honored. The leases that expired or are up for renewal, don't appear to be getting long term extensions. 

Edmunds says, "It sounds like the businesses with expiring leases are only being offered 3-month extensions."

10 News spoke to Mike Rice, the COO of RMC Property Group which manages the property, didn't really have an answer as to future plans.

"We lease and manage the property. We are not a party to the future plans. The best person to answer that would be someone from the ownership".

10 News did just that, but it resulted in futility. 

Downtown Seminole LLC owns the property on Park Boulevard, but had no one in the Pinellas office to answer questions about the future of the Seminole Mall. 

10 News was referred back to RMC Property Group which already told us to ask the owners. 

So for any answer about what the property at Seminole Mall would be or could be, the City and its residents will have to hurry up and wait.

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